We empower non-profit organizations to distinguish themselves on online platforms through our Sustainable Video Marketing Strategy. Our mission is to captivate target audiences, significantly boost outreach and gain measurable attention.



How we increase your outreach with our sustainable video marketing strategy



Together we define your NGO mission, your (marketing & fundraising) goals and if we are a good fit.



Together we analyse your target group(s) and assess the NGO market to develop a perfect video marketing strategy for you.



Now our creative minds are at work! We will create a concept for you that is tailored to your goals and target group. Whether for TV, online media or fundraising.



In this phase, we produce your content. We take care of everything from A to Z. You can sit back and look forward to the end result.



To ensure that your films perform optimally, we create different film versions, each adapted to the channels in which you want to position yourself.



You want to increase your outreach? We are happy to support you in taking the right advertising measures so that your marketing achieves the best results.

The Power of Storytelling

Transform your narrative into a visually stunning masterpiece. Our film production and animation expertise will bring your vision to life, ensuring it resonates with your audience.

Conservation at the Core

We believe in the power of film to drive change. Our conservation films not only engage viewers but also raise awareness and support for environmental causes.

A global stage for your Message

Let's tell stories that matter, stories that bridge hearts and minds towards a sustainable future. In the world of social media, your narrative becomes a powerful force.

our film productions


Whether it's underwater videos, conservation videos, TV documentaries, short films, explainer videos, animations, tutorials, social media videos and reels, scientific videos, sustainable travel and tour operator videos - our speciality is not a particular industry.

Our speciality is quality - across all industries.

Coral Conservation Video

Secore International

How to Save Coral Reefs in the Caribbean

SECORE International x Fundemar

Shark & Manta Diving in the Azores

Behind the Mask - Travel Video

Enineering Large Scale Coral Restoration

SECORE International x Reef Renewal Bonaire

Coral Restoration in the Dominican Republic

Fundemar x SECORE International

Coral Reef Restoration Documentary

SECORE International

Enhancing Coral Resiliance in the Caribbean

The Ocean Foundation

Coral Restoration on Curacao

SECORE International

A Coral Lifecycle | Shortfilm

SECORE International

Dominican Republic | Travelfilm

Fundemar x SECORE International

Deutsche Meeresstiftung | Promovideo

GEO Tag der Natur

Guadalupe Island | Travel Video

Nautilus Livaboards | Great White Sharks

Coral Restoration Imagevideo | Promovideo

SECORE International

Mexico Cenotes | Travel Video

Travelfilm Tulum Underwater

Berlin Aquarium | Shortfilm

Jellyfish Aquarium Promotion

Floriday Keys Everglades | Shortfilm

Florida Keys Underwater Video

GUAM Pacific Ocean | Travel Video

Guam Travelfilm

LAKE | Travel Video

Austria Fernseinsee Travelfilm

Animation | Explainer Video

Nnoo Raajje iniative in the Maldives

Animation | Explainer Video

IUCN and KIWA Initiative Pacific

Animation | Explainer Video

WCS - Coral Reef Conservation

Coral Reproduction | Animation

SECORE International

Marine Protected Area | Animation

NIUE Ocean Wide NOW

Spectrum Filter | Explainer Animation

Keldan Lights | Tutorial

Ambient Filter | Explainer Animation

Keldan Lights | Tutorial

Ocean Planning | Animation

WAITT Institute Micronesia

Blue Halo | Explainer Animation

WAITT Institute Curacao

Ocean Managment | Animation

WAITT Institute Curacao

Our services


We produce underwater films and animations and are committed to the conservation of coral reefs and oceans. It is very important to us to make a contribution to our oceans and nature. We want to help preserve the wonderful underwater world of our planet. Our contribution is to spread its beauty through TV documentaries, films, animations and photos and to support (non-profit) organisations around the globe.

Underwater & Conservation Videos

Whether high-end underwater filming or scientific documentaries, our team and network has the right solution for every request.

Sustainbale Travel Videos

You are a sustainable tour operator, dive centre or hotel and want to stand out from your competitors in the market? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on how you can stand out from the marketing crowd.


We deliver excellent underwater and above-water photography for all types of promotional activities. We have an experienced team of (underwater)photographers ready and waiting for you.

Animations & Explainer Videos

Your project is difficult to explain? You need to convince your funders? Do you need educational videos for your school class? Animations and explainer videos help you visualise your project and explain it in an understandable way.

360° & Aerial Shots

We have state of the art equipment for every need. These days Google Streetview is also underwater, why not you? Lift yourself up with breathtaking drone footage and eye-catching 360° underwater videos.

TV Documentaries

You have an idea for a TV documentary? We would be happy to develop a concept with you. We work with many well-known TV producers worldwide.



Vanessa Cara-Kerr

Founder | Camerawoman

Vanessa is our multi-talent. You'll meet her on the shoot, because she's the one behind the cinematic magic.

  • 10 years of experience as a film production manager
  • over 40 international film awards
  • 3D Animation Artist
  • Professional underwater filmmaker
  • Youtube host for camera tutorials
  • Passionate landscape photographer

Jessica W. Schüz

Business Head

Jessica pulls all the strings in the background, so that an amazing film is created at the end. If you're in contact with us, the first person you'll probably talk to is Jessica!

  • 9 years of experience as a project manager & consultant in business / digital transformation, communication & social media in various corporations & innovative medium-sized businesses.
  • Loves music & vintage cars




Social Media Manager

Let's find out,
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